Water Heaters

Water Heater

Whether your water heater is leaking, old or if your just looking to upgrade, we at T-Mont can handle all of your hot water heating needs. So if your tired of that leaky heater or taking that cold shower just give us a call and let our qualified technicians take care of that problem heater today. We have all the answers to all your hot water problems and needs (commercial and residential needs,electric,gas,oil,tankless, indirect fired) We Service Essex , Bergen and Morris County NJ.

Electric Water Heaters

· 2 ½ , 5 & 10 gallon point of use heaters
· 15 gallon light duty
· 30, 40 and 50 gallon standard height, short, and low boy models
· 66 & 80 gallon standard height

Gas Water Heaters

· 30 gallon high efficiency (6 & 10 year warranty)
· 40 gallon standard & short height, high recovery & high efficiency models available (6 & 10 year warranty)
· 50 gallon standard, high recovery and high efficiency models available (6 & 10 year warranty)
· 75 gallon high recovery (6 & 10 year warranty)
· 100 gallon high recovery ( 6 & 10 year warranty)

Power Vent Heaters

· 40, 50 & 75gallon with 6 year warranty

Tankless Water Heaters

· Small tank that mounts on wall for minimal space and hot water on demand. Many models available for different uses.

Indirect Fired Heaters

· Storage tank sits next to your boiler, has a cupronickel or stainless steel coil in it which receives a hot water circulating loop from your boiler which in turn heats the surrounding water providing you with a high demand of hot water with a high level of efficiency. No gas piping, electric or flue piping required. Lifetime warranty on some models available.