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Sewer Cleaning NJ

Sewer Cleaning in New Jersey (NJ)

Having a problem with tub, toilet, sink or main drain running slow or backing up? Call the professionals at T-Mont plumbing. Here at T-Mont we can take care of all your drain cleaning needs. T-Mont offers the following sewer & drain cleaning services.

Sinks, Tubs & Showers – The use of an electric drill snake with a ¼” steel cable is used. For stubborn drains the use of an electric drum machine is used with a 3/8” cable with interchangeable heads for different kinds of stoppages.

3” & 4” Drains & Sewer Lines – The use of an electric eel with a ¾” steel cable is used with interchangeable heads from grease heads to root cutting heads are used.

Toilets – A toilet auger is used to clear this type of stoppage.

T-Mont Plumbing also offers Video Sewer Camera inspection of your main sewer line for those who are having continuous problems with them.