Water Heaters

Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair in New Jersey

Hot water heaters! The number one most common plumbing issue a homeowner will face.

When it comes to hot water too much is never enough ! The amount of hot water consumed by average households is often more than the carrying gallon capacity of most homes. Hot water service and installations are one of the many fields of expertise at T-Mont Plumbing. One call to T-mont Plumbing can guarantee your family will have plenty of hot water throughout your home. T-Mont offers plumbing services in Northern NJ , call today for a free estimate or simply fill our form for an instant coupon.

Common FAQ’s

How will I know if my hot water stops working?

You will know when your hot water heater stops working if you simply have no hot water after 1 minute of turning your hot water on . However if you notice unusual delays in water heat times or if your hot water turns cold very shortly after starting then you should be aware that your hot water heater is no longer producing at a standard sufficient rate.

What are the warning signs that my hot water heater is nearing its lifespan?

Rust spots at the base and heater jacket of your hot water heater are good indicators of ware and age. Often times you may not even know your water heater is nearing its life span and without notice can have failure. Water heaters have a gradual degradation and if your water doesn’t stay hot as long as it use to or doesn’t recover as fast as it use to when exhausted of hot water then these are strong indicators that you should have them looked at by a professional plumber. To schedule an inspection call us at 973-284-1173 or simply fill out our contact form and we will contact you at our earliest opportunity.

What happens when a hot water heater fails ?

Water heaters fail one of two ways . The first and worst way is that a pressure crack occurs within the water heater and will force a continuous supply of water within your supply room until you or your plumber shut off your water supply to the water heater. It is always advisable to leave all valuable items at least 1 foot off the ground if place within your supply room. A second method of failure will be small pooling of water on the floor near your water heater . This is actually a sign that your water heater is preparing to let looks so consider it a fair warning and contact your plumber immediately to gauge the issue properly.

Do hot water heaters come with warranties?

All new water heater installations do offer a warranty and depending on the manufacturer make and model can range between 6 to 10 years. If you’re unsure which water heater is right for you , call our experts now at 973-284-1173 and we will guide you in the right direction to finding the right water heater for your house.

Do hot water heaters fail before manufacturer warranties expire?

In rare instances water heaters may fail before the warranty expires, these instances are very rare.

How can I maintain my hot water heater ?

Once a water heater is properly installed there is very little that needs to be done on a continual basis to maintain them. An annual flushing of the system is always recommended to expel any sediments that build up at the bottom of the heater . Setting the heater to a lower setting will additionally help the life of the water heater by not overloading it’s workload. Just remember the hotter you run them , the quicker they will retire. If you have any questions we can answer , simply call for a free estimate.

From troubleshooting to replacing hot water heaters our technicians can help you with all of your needs. Storage tank heaters are the cheapest and most common heaters installed today. Weather its natural gas to propane or electric T-Mont Plumbing has the solutions you need when it comes to fixing your hot water heater needs. T-mont supply’s and installs every brand on the market . If you need a quality Plumbers In North Jersey, contact us today!