Follow these steps and you will save money on your next heating bill!

Make sure to insulate walls and floors with at least 3 1/2″ of insulation, ceiling should have at least 6″ min.

Make sure to install all storm windows and storm doors this will stop transmission of heat to the outside and cold to the inside.

Make sure to caulk all cracks around windows and doors, don’t forget all those cracks in the foundation and around basement windows.

Close all outside doors as fast as possible.

Keep  attached garage doors closed at all times, except  when entering or leaving.

If your house is over a crawl space be sure to close and keep air tight all vents from crawl space to outside reopen in spring.

Lower your thermostat at night or set it for a 10% set back at night this alone will save you money.

Keep all windows locked tight to prevent air leakage.

Make sure to have a competent serviceman service your boiler once a year this will ensure that all life saving devices on said boiler work properly.

Always make sure to close your damper on chimney this will ensure you stop the draft of warm air up your chimney.